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Welcome to scifi_icontest an icontest community for 3 of the best sci_fi shows around, Battlestar Galactica, Stargate SG1 and Farscape.

Just because they have been cancelled doesn't make them any less fabulous and I for one still love iconing them.

The original idea came from sf_incadescent since I loved their contests I decided to start a similar community when they shut down.

There will be a seperate cap challenge for each show. The caps challenge will provide you with Screen captures or promo pics with which to make icons.
The theme challenges will be composed of all shows and each challenge will follow a different theme. For theme challenges you may use any pictures you like unless otherwise stated and you can choose which show or combination of the 3 shows to use.

SUGGESTION POST - for all your suggestions about the community go HERE


01- You must be a member of the community to enter.
02- Your icons must meet LJ requirements - 100x100 pixels and max 40kb in size.
03- Challenges may differ each week. All information will be posted along with the challenges.
04- You may enter three icons per challenge unless otherwise stated.
05- Please don't post or use your icon anywhere else until the challenge is over.
06- All icons entered must be made specifically for that Challenge, please DO NOT enter old icons it defeats the purpose of the community.
08- Please don't ask others to vote for you, we would like this community to be fair.


01- New challenges will be posted on a Monday and will run for 2 weeks ending on the Sunday.
02- Voting will be posted on the Sunday evening when the challenge ends and will run until Thursday.
03- Winners will be announced on the Friday and banners posted as soon as possible.


01- Upload your icon to an image hosting service that allows direct linking (i.e. Photobucket, ImageShack).
02- Post both the image tag and URL as a reply to the challenge post. Comments will be screened.
03- Please remember there are 2 categories to each contest so labels your icons so we know which category they are for.


01- You must be a member to vote. No anonymous voting, sorry.
02- You do not have to enter icons to be eligible to vote.
03- Please vote for your favourite three (3) icons in order unless otherwise stated. Votes will be scaled - 1st place will receive 3 points, 2nd place 2 points, and 3rd place 1 point.
04- As well as the top 3 votes there may be a special category details of which will be posted with the voting post..
05- Entries will be screened until the winners are announced.
06- You may not vote for yourself. Doing so will result in disqualification.


01- Winners will be announced the day after voting closes.
02- All winning entries are posted in a dedicated post and the entries for the contest unscreened.
05- Banners for winners are not set to a schedule and will be done as soon as possible .
06- Please save your winning banner to your own hard drive or image hosting service as they may be moved or deleted at a future time.

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